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'Cities' is a collection of published photography projects that represent quick and unpredictable explorations over a few hours or days. Lack of time and familiarity with these cities were augmented by careful urban choices for which way to walk, stop, run or climb, towards forming laconic photographic snapshots that aim to be familiar yet new to locals, and inviting and surprising to visitors.

Belgrade, Serbia

"Beograd Nikole Olica"

Milan, Italy

"13 photos in 36h in Milan, di Nikola Olic"

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Architectural poetry of Oklahoma City"

Denver, Colorado

"Denver's Architecture in Eight Hours"

Las Vegas, Nevada

"Envisioning Vegas From A New Angle"

Miami, Florida

"12 unbelievable Miami photographs in 1 day."

Copenhagen, Denmark

"A different Denmark, by Nikola Olic"

Galveston, Texas

"18 Photographs in 72 Hours by Nikola Olic"

Chicago, Illinois

"17 Chicago photos in 10h, by Nikola Olic."

Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Demystifying downtown Fort Wayne"