This collection of unmanipulated and unstaged photographs represents decades of seeking poetry and portraiture in architecture. Equal parts documentarian, precisionist and formalist, it is created with the discipline of a trainspotter rather than an architect. Through extensive travel, trial and error, the endless repertoire of architecture is transformed into a precise visual lexicon by domesticating these immutable structures, and reimagining their certainty and permanence with a delightful ambiguity. This purposefully deprioritizes the communication of any particular architectural intent, meditating on the thin line between familiar and unfamiliar, and the surprising potential of architectural structures reimagined through the canon of portraiture.

Architectural portraiture departs from classic architectural photography by reframing architectural structures as sculptures of the modern everyday. Rejecting any notion of romanticizing or propaganda, the impetus is on the emotional connection to the new reality of the architectural sculptures flattened into a photograph. There is an empathy and vastness to portraiture photography -- to be seen, to be heard, to be understood -- that can include both humans and architecture, helping us metaphorically connect with these structures and with our world, at this one particular moment in time, and at the exact coordinates made available with every photograph.