The unmanipulated and unstaged photography of Nikola Olić seeks poetry and portraiture in architecture, seen as sculptural studies of the modern everyday and offered as a shared public experience and a poetic connection between architecture and pure photography.

The diverse repertoire of world architecture is transformed into a precise visual lexicon by domesticating these immutable structures, reimagining their certainty and permanence with a delightful ambiguity, and meditating on the thin line between the familiar and unfamiliar.

Expanding on the grammar of both classic and commercial architectural photography, architecture is interpreted as intimate portraits of contemporary monuments, providing a precisionist framework for architecture's infinite visual possibilities and diverse and complex intents.

Nikola Olić (b. 1974, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian-American photographer based in Dallas, Texas. His photographs have been published internationally and were most recently exclusively used to launch the New York Times Architectural Quiz series. He is among 30 photographers included in the UK's 2023 Aesthetica Art Prize.